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Spine Rehabilitation Specialist

David Sudderth, MD

Board Certified Neurologist located in Fort Myers, FL

Back pain is a widespread problem, with as many as 80% of adults experiencing limitations in their daily life due to it. Board-certified neurologist David Sudderth, MD, in Fort Myers, Florida, offers spine rehabilitation to help you overcome back pain caused by injury, degeneration, or age. Call his office or request an appointment online today to learn how you can benefit from the exceptional, state-of-the-art therapy he provides.

Spine Rehabilitation Q & A

Who needs spine rehabilitation?

If you suffer from back pain that limits your abilities at work, home, or in sports or other leisure activities, spine rehabilitation can offer remarkable benefits. You’re a candidate regardless of whether your back pain is constant, intermittent, dull, or sharp. It may be a result of injury, a natural consequence of aging, or a consequence of disease and degeneration.

Back pain is frustrating, but rehabilitation can help reduce pain, stiffness, and loss of function. Dr. Sudderth uses some of the most advanced technology to improve your strength, range of motion, and comfort in the back and neck.

What is Med-X spinal rehabilitation™?

Med-X is a gold-standard treatment for chronic back pain and dysfunction. It uses specific spinal strengthening exercises that can be successful in reducing or eliminating back pain even in cases where more conventional therapies fail.  

MedX Lumbar and Cervical Extension machines are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Designed by Arthur Jones, founder of the Nautilus exercise system, MedX is the highest quality of fitness, sports, and medical rehabilitation equipment available.

How does Med-X spinal rehabilitation work?

You perform a series of exercises using the machine for 15 minutes, twice per week. The therapy restores motion and function for your active lifestyle. This treatment also strengthens your spine core to reduce chronic back pain and dysfunction, and reforms inflexible scar tissue into more normal, functional tissue.

Med-X technology acknowledges that, for many people, the spine is the weakest link in the body but that conventional rehab and exercise do little for the spinal muscles. MedX helps you isolate some of the smaller muscles of the spine for greater function and decreased pain. You get better circulation, increased range of motion, and reduced inflammation.

What is the BTE™ MCU (multi-cervical unit)?

This effective and comprehensive system assesses and rehabilitates patients suffering from neck pain, cervical spine disorders, and whiplash. The unit allows Dr. Sudderth to evaluate, strengthen, and restore ailing neck and cervical tissue.

The MCU features a computerized interface that records real-time movement in your neck and upper vertebrae. It also evaluates strength when your neck moves through multiple planes of motion.

If you’re tired of struggling with back pain, call David Sudderth, MD.