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Neck & Back Injuries Specialist

David Sudderth, MD

Board Certified Neurologist located in Fort Myers, FL

Neck and back injuries are fairly common, and they can cause significant pain and disability. Fortunately, board-certified neurologist David Sudderth, MD, treats patients who are suffering from neck and back pain at his practice in Fort Myers, Florida. Call the office or request an appointment with Dr. Sudderth online today to leave your neck and back pain behind.

Neck & Back Injuries

Injuries to the neck and back are among the more common types of trauma and are often more of a transient nuisance than a serious event. These types of injuries can also represent a major life-altering catastrophe that may have implications for all activities including making a living. When you have a neck or back injury get the help you need and get it early. You will need someone who will listen, examine you and get the right, high-quality testing such as MRI and EMG. Don’t be persuaded to get an inferior MRI or submit to repetitive treatments that don’t really help you. The longer you neglect your problem, the more likely that your condition can be complicated by general deconditioning, weight gain, stiffness, chronic pain and severe weakness the musculature that supports the neck and back. It is the rarest of individuals who we refer for surgical consultation but if that is necessary we will make the process simple and quick. We want to get you back to work and back to life.

Getting help means you’re getting serious! For more information on treatments for neck and back injuries, call David Sudderth, MD.