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Cognitive Testing Specialist

David Sudderth, MD

Board Certified Neurologist located in Fort Myers, FL

If you’ve noticed a change in your memory or mental functions, you may benefit from cognitive testing to help evaluate and diagnose the reason. Board-certified neurologist David Sudderth, MD, who treats patients in Fort Myers, Florida, provides cognitive testing to get at the root of your problem. Call today or request an appointment online to find out the cause for your cognitive impairment and get treatment.

Cognitive Testing Q & A

Who benefits from cognitive testing?

Cognition describes the processes in your brain that include memory, language, the ability to learn, and judgment. If you’re having mild, moderate, or severe issues with cognition, cognitive testing may be in order. You may notice that you are:

  • Forgetting appointments or events
  • Having trouble coming up with words that usually come easily
  • Losing your train of thought
  • Losing things (like your car keys or phone) often
  • Experiencing increased anxiety and irritability

You may not notice these characteristics, but your friends and family may remark about them.

What are the types of cognitive testing?

Cognitive testing measures your mental functions through a series of questions and simple tasks. Cognitive testing assesses your ability to think clearly; it can also determine if your existing condition is getting better or worse.

Cognitive testing evaluates your memory, math skills, visual and spatial skills, and language skills. The results of each can reflect your cognitive abilities and reveal specific issues. For example, people with Alzheimer’s disease show changes in their problem-solving skills, memory, and ability to perform tasks that used to come automatically.

What issues can cognitive testing detect?

Cognitive testing can evaluate for several conditions. You may experience cognition problems because of:

  • Medication side effects
  • Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Depression
  • Blood vessel problems

Cognitive testing evaluates mild cognition problems. Sometimes, cognitive impairments occur due to treatable conditions, such as thyroid disease and vitamin deficiencies. Dr. Sudderth evaluates your symptoms to determine if cognitive testing is right for you. 

What do the results of cognitive testing reveal?

If the test results from cognitive testing are not typical, you likely have a problem with mental function. Since cognitive testing doesn’t diagnose the cause, you may need further screenings. Dr. Sudderth can recommend the next steps in your treatment.

Lifestyle changes and medicines can slow mental decline. Without proper evaluation, it can be hard to treat your condition.

If you’re having problems with your memory or mental function, you may benefit from cognitive testing. Consult with David Sudderth, MD, by calling his office, or you can request an appointment using the online booking tool today.