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About David Sudderth, MD

If you have injured your neck or back, or if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury, please consider visiting the office of Dr. Sudderth, located in Fort Myers, Florida. Dr. Sudderth has been in the area since 1989 and is one of the few adult neurologists in Florida who is certified in brain injury medicine. We provide in-house diagnostic studies such as X-ray, MRI, electromyography, QEEG and cognitive testing including Cognistat. Treatment options may include transcranial magnetic stimulation, cognitive rehabilitation, physical therapy, spinal rehabilitation and in some cases injections.

We also provide in-house expertise in orthopedics and podiatry. Our staff is multilingual and ready to help you get back on your path to recovery.

If you live in the Fort Myers area and are looking for comprehensive neurological evaluation and treatment, call the office of David Sudderth, MD today.


Words from our patients

  • Healthgrades

    "Dr. Sudderth was empathetic, thorough and responsive to my personal goals which was to get back to work ASAP. I feel confident that I am turning the corner to recovery!"

    Stephen L.
  • Healthgrades

    "Dr. Sudderth's compassion, understanding and genuine caring helped me immensely over the last 30 years."

    Cliff K.


David Sudderth, MD
3210 Cleveland Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-936-6778
Fax: 239-210-0225

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